Guilt Free Novelty Songs

by Shore Leave

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This album's creation was documented in the first episode of the annual web-series "Touring 2.0"
(featuring Bill Stevenson [Black Flag/Descendents], Russ Rankin [Good Riddance], Yotam Ben Horin [Useless ID], and Steve Terreberry [Youtube star]) and can be watched here:

Music Video for "Redneck Rodeo":

Music Video for "Angora Sweaters & Whiskey":






released November 1, 2016

Shore Leave is
Bass/Vocals - The Captain
Guitar/Vocals - Lt. Bugs
Drums - First Mate (Max Devincenzo)

Guilt Free Novelty Songs was
Recorded and Mixed by Andrew Berlin at The Blasting Room in 3 days of August, 2016.
Mastered by Jason Livermore

guest instrumentalists on Redneck Rodeo
Banjo solo - George Guthrie
Trumpet solo - Jimbobs "The Mouth" Mitchell*
Violin & piano solo - Bellzebubba*
*courtesy of Hangman's Hymnal
spoons, violin, harmonica, jew's harp, acoustic guitar, piano, organ, glockenspiel, accordion, synths - The Captain

all songs and lyrics Copyright 2016 Shore Leave
*except the music to "Angora Sweaters & Whiskey" which was carried between several bands as a song under several names. Did you write it first? Let us know so we can credit you!

Special thanks to:
The Blasting Room (Bill Stevenson, Andrew Berlin, Jason Livermore, Chris Beeble)
Touring 2.0 (Reese Lester, Randi Goguen, Chris Woodstock)
Hangman's Hymnal
Turbojugends Worldwide


all rights reserved



Shore Leave Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Angora Sweaters & Whiskey
White lace and pantyhose for the taking
I always knew that I, I was a fucking lie
So don your denim hide, G string right at your side
Go on and let it out
I need to let it out
I need to express this side
I feel fucking fake
To you this is a joke
But it's my life
Track Name: Armageddon A-Go-Go
We gonna burn city hall
Revolution Revolution
We gonna burn city hall
Revolution oh no
Revolution oh no
Armageddon Go!
Organize it
Organize it
Organize it et al
Organize it
Organize it
Organize it et al
Revolution oh no
Revolution oh no
Armageddon Go!
Bow down bow down
Bow down on your ass
Get some get some
Get some of his wrath
Revolution oh no
Revolution oh no
Armageddon Go!
He rides he rides
He rides on volcanic ash
Repent repent
It's gonna be a blood bath
Revolution oh no
Revolution oh no
Armageddon Go!
Track Name: Redneck Rodeo
I wasn't on a tractor I was on a midnight train
Just another burned out hipster trying to make it to L.A.
I saw him on the subway and I ain't afraid to say
When I saw that banjo on his back we started jamming right away
Hey redneck rodeo!
Bela Fleck (Earl Scruggs, Charlie T.) is my new cash cow
Hey redneck rodeo!
Go rustle up some steer
Hey redneck rodeo!
Get yourself some bluegrass know how
Hey redneck rodeo!
Cause banjo's are cool now
I asked him where he came from and he stammered Idaho
Out yonder past the Southwest with the wolves and buffalo
I plugged in my guitar and asked him kindly if you please
Won't you take my hand and join my band we'll fucking rock out 1 2 3
Track Name: Amalgam (Filling Teeth)
[bass solo take 1]
Track Name: Roach Motel
We see the world we see the lies
We heard it fucking loud
As our friends fade into memories, landscape, what's around?
Broken homes and crooked bars, white walls, booze, and trailer parks
When the ghost has left the bones I'll scream it one last time
The Lies
We see the lies inside
I know nothing has changed and nothing ever will
So long as we got apathy and time to kill
Let the cracks spread asphalt lines to the gutter's and the blind
Never knowing we once lived in these city lights
We see the world
We see the lies
We hear it loud

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